About Us

Misionero Company Building

Mission Statement

Our philosophy at Misionero® Vegetables is to keep things simple while maintaining our vision and core values. We are committed to providing fresh quality products that are easy to use, delicious and nutritious without compromising quality or harming the environment. We are committed to investing in our planet’s future and the long term health of our families and future generations.

Since 1973, we have made it our “mission” to grow and process fresh, high-quality vegetables. From our fresh-cut value added products to our minimally processed, washed and trimmed products -we strive to supply our customers and consumers with the freshest tasting organic and conventional products available in the market today.

Core Values

  • Safety From Seed to the Table: Food and Personal Safety is Misionero’s #1 Commitment
  • Customer Service Misionero® will exceed our Customers' Expectation
  • Innovation Misionero® will consistently strive to Innovate and Improve all aspects of our organization; through expansion and development of People, Products, and Processes
  • Quality Assurance Misionero® will produce the Highest Quality Produce
  • Shared Responsibility Everyone Stands Together At Misionero®
  • Community Responsibility Misionero® and its employees will consider the impact of their actions on the community
  • Financial Growth and Performance Develop and Maintain Long Term Business Strategies
  • Efficiency From Seed to the Table: To Produce Products more efficiently than anyone else
  • Management To Provide Leadership, Clear Direction and Support
  • Profit Profit supports all core values and provides opportunities for our employees.