Food Safety

Food Safety at Misionero® Vegetables

Long before the industry was focused on food safety, Misionero® Vegetables recognized the importance of ensuring consumers their produce was safe for consumption. In the early 80s, we were the first in the industry to conduct on-site microbiological testing. Today, our processing facilities exceed the strict standards set forth by USDA and FDA. Team members are recognized experts in the fresh cut industry, serving on both the CA LGMA and AZ LGMA Technical Boards and UFPA Food Safety & Technical Council.

Misionero® is a vertically integrated company, beginning with seed and land selection, then to growing and harvesting, and finally processing and shipping operations; Misionero® has the capability of tracing its products forward to retailers and back to the field.


Our food safety program includes:

  • In-House Quality Assurance Team and Lab
  • Field Testing for Pathogens Using Recognized Third Party Laboratories
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Program
  • Signatory for Both the Arizona and California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreements
  • Good Agricultural Practices Program (GAP)
  • Good Manufacturing Program (GMP)
  • Food Security Program
  • Kosher Approved Processing Facilities
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certified
  • Recall Program
  • iCiX Compliant
  • Third-Party Verification
  • PrimusGFS Plant Audits
  • California and Arizona LGMA GAP Audits
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) Compliant

From our fresh-cut value added retail products to our foodservice products to our field packed items - we strive to supply our customers and consumers with the freshest tasting organic and conventional products available in the market today.