NEW Peel and Reseal FilmTechnology


Misionero® Vegetables continues to focus on innovation and sustainability with its NEW PEEL and RESEAL Lidding Film.

The new lidding film reduces materials by 20% with the removal of the top lid and shrink wrap. Consumers pull open the package, use what they need and reclose the container – It’s that easy!.


  • - Effective use of retail shelf space
  • - Easy, open and close container
  • - Quicker access to produce
  • - Flexible closure with ability to reseal multiple times without loss of functionality
  • - Environmentally friendly packaging… Less plastic, less waste in landfills
  • - Tamper evident seal

The PEEL AND RESEAL technology can be found on Misionero’s Garden Life Washed and Trimmed Lettuce and Misionero Earth Greens Organic Salads. Misionero customers can place their orders with the new packaging or continue to order with current packaging options. Misionero®…. Providing Customers with the POWER OF CHOICE!

The Peel and Reseal film is now available nationally.