Misionero® is proud to offer conventional and organic leaf lettuce and fresh cut salads for both foodservice and retail markets under the Garden Life™, Earth Greens® and Misionero® brands.

Our value-added fresh produce is "HOME" grown in the USA year-round! During the months of April through November, we grow in the Salinas Valley in California, then from mid-November through March in Yuma, Arizona. In addition, we transition the spring crops into Huron, California to insure we have enough produce to meet the demand. Misionero® is a signatory in both the Arizona and California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement and has an extensive food safety program.

Whether you are a time-starved mom or a fresh foodie, we've got you covered with a wide variety of lettuce and salad options. Our fresh value-added produce is triple washed and ready to use - perfect for a quick and easy lunch or for an upscale sit-down dinner. Misionero® -
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Fresh Has Never Tasted So Good™.


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